College Credits

Graduation HatIIUSA courses lead to college credit at the University of Phoenix, which offers associates, bachelors, masters, and doctoral degree programs for adult learners on campuses throughout the United States and online.

IIUSA course titles that are currently approved, at 2.5 credits (40 hours) and 5 credits (80 hours) are (please cross reference to the current course numberings):

          • A+ Computer Technician (IIUSA-338; 5 days: 40 hrs)
          • Windows Operating System Basics (IIUSA-2152; 5 days: 40 hrs)
          • Intrusion Detection Systems/Firewalls (IIUSA-334; 5 days: 40 hrs)
          • Network+ Fundamentals (IIUSA-339; 5 days: 40 hrs)
          • Implementing Windows Networking Services (IIUSA-2153; 5 days: 40 hrs)
          • Implementing Microsoft Exchange Server (IIUSA-1026; 5 days: 40 hrs)
          • Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices (IIUSA-315; 5 days: 40 hrs)
          • Creating and Deploying Secure Websites (IIUSA-2694; 5 days: 40 hrs)
          • Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks (IIUSA-330; 5 days: 40 hrs)
          • Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting (IIUSA-333; 5 days: 40 hrs)
          • HP Openview/Cisco Works 2000 (IIUSA-427; 5 days: 40 hrs)
          • Network Multiplexing (IIUSA-424; 10 days: 80 Hours) (Note: This is the Promina course.)
          • Introduction to Object Oriented Programming Using Java (IIUSA-110; 5 days: 40 hrs)
          • Advanced Java Programming (IIUSA-275; 5 days: 40 hours)

In addition, most other courses can be petitioned for credit under the same process described below. Check with a UOP enrollment counselor for advice on which courses can be applied to your specific academic program of interest.

If you would like to receive college credit for your classes, the first step is to contact the University of Phoenix at 800-366-9699 to enroll in a program. You can do the enrollment online and even complete your degree online at:

Once you are admitted to a program of your choice, you can apply for undergraduate credit for your IIUSA training with the Prior Learning Assessment Center (PLAC) at 480-317-6141 or online at: Once there:
  • Click on Services
  • Click on Prior Learning Assessment
  • Click on the link to the online application
  • List each course "indivdually" (do not group all courses into one category such as "company training" or "miscellaneous")
  • Pay your submission fee of $110

Once evaluation is complete students will be assessed $100 per credit hour awarded (If the courses submitted match the information listed on the credit recomendation guide exactly, the fee is reduced to $75 per credit assessed and applied to the student program). After the PLAC awards credits, they will appear on your official UOP transcript, and you can then apply the credits toward a program at UOP, or request that a copy of your transcript be sent to another school.

You will need to present your IIUSA certificate of course completion to the University of Phoenix for each course in which you are applying for credit, as well as a course description which you can find on the Training Courses tab in the navbar above. IIUSA students interested in receiving credit for the IIUSA courses they have completed in military installations should ask for an enrollment counselor at their nearest University of Phoenix office, such as:

University of Phoenix
5511 Capital Center Drive, Suite 380
Raleigh, NC 27606


University of Phoenix
Sierra Vista/Ft. Huachuca

You can also visit the University of Phoenix Web site at and request more information for a UOP campus near you by clicking on the "Information for Potential Students" link, and then click on the "Contact Us" link. You will need a description of what is covered in each course.